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The World Race is Basically The Bachelorette

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

"I just didn't realize how hard this would be!"

Huge thanks to my teammate, Saraya, for writing this blog! Check out the original, and some of her other blogs here!

  1. Just like the mansion, you’re constantly living with AT LEAST 7 people at a time, 50+ during all squad months. Except it's not a mansion... but maybe you have a bedroom!

  2. Racers have one-on-ones all the time, and other people frequently interrupt them.

  3. Team changes feel a whole lot like rose ceremonies. Crying and all.

  4. Team time and cocktail hour are interchangeable. Pretty fun, but usually precede tension filled gatherings (feedback)

  5. We always wonder if feedback is given “for the right reasons”.

  6. Chris Harrison is always introducing twists and turns, much like hosts that move ministry time up by 5 hours or cancel it all together when you’re already there.

  7. Every time the bachelor/bachelorette says “I didn’t realize how hard this would be." Neither did we.

  8. When you take the WHOLE team to go grocery shopping and it feels like a group date gone very, very wrong.

  9. There’s always that one girl who won't shower or sleeps in her makeup for an entire month. (See Britt Nilsson from Chris’ season)

  10. We are always talking about this amazing “journey” we are on and the “journey” that our hearts are taking.

  11. When you have a boujee month and your room truly is the Fantasy Suite... except that there are 6 other people with you.

  12. “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make”, usually spoken about choosing a girl/guy, but for a racer it’s if we spend our personal money at a coffee shop again, or if we buy the shampoo that we’ve needed for the last two weeks.

  13. The confession room conversations are exactly like when you get to vent to an SQL or call your friends back home and drop your filter completely.

  14. On the bachelor, sometimes group dates involve getting out of your comfort zone to sing or do stand-up comedy; much like when you are sitting in church and the pastor says, “Sisters! Special song? Special dance?” And you really can’t say no.

  15. When you’ve been trying for days to find the best chai guy in India and it’s another disappointment…”I really thought he was going to be the one”.

  16. Everyone looking forward to Project Search Light like, “I really believe my husband/wife will be in that room”.

  17. "Date cards are here!!!" = "Set up sheet was emailed!!!"

  18. Final debrief confession time may end up feeling very similar to the Women Tell All episode. (Can someone get on making flash back clips?)

  19. “I’m not here to make friends.“ = gearing up to haggle prices at an Asian market.

  20. We’ve all left our jobs and abandoned the comforts of home, but for just slightly different reasons.

  21. Being stuck in a compound all month must be what the girls feel like waiting weeks for a date card, but with way less wine.

With love from Dobramirka, Bulgaria


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