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Why You Should Date A World Racer

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

The World Race has changed us. In some ways, it's changed us for the better, and in other ways... maybe not so much. Team Bamboo, on my squad, wrote this hilarious blog about how we are just infinitely more dateable now... here's why:

  1. If you spend more than $5 on our dinner, we will be very impressed. We typically live on a food budget of $4 per day in each country, for context.

  2. If you speak English, you’re already 5 steps ahead. Pronouncing our name correctly makes us swoon.

  3. No need to spend much money on jewelry. We’re now impressed by a bracelet made out of rubber bands and string.

  4. Our idea of dates has decreased significantly — stopping by 7-11 for tea or feeding catfish in a river are both satisfactory for us.

  5. We’re the most adaptable people you'll ever meet; change doesn’t bother us. Oh, it's actually a 15 hour bus ride instead of 8? Living in a new country every month? Sounds great!

  6. We can sleep anywhere — airports, churches, offices, 6x6 foot rooms, bus floors. Give us a real bed and we’ll think we’re a queen!

  7. We're not high maintenance. We spent a year rotating between 5 shirts and 3 pairs of pants, and some of us haven't put on makeup or done our hair in 5 months.

  8. The bar for entertainment has been set very low: making a blanket fort in our Albanian home is a crazy night out.

  9. We don’t get offended easily; we roast each other on a daily basis. Mess up one word once and it becomes a team motto.

  10. Our idea of dressing up is wearing clean jeans and a shirt that's not a t-shirt.

  11. You’ll save money on the water bill because we can save water by taking bucket showers or using baby wipes. Our record for the number of days without a shower is up to eleven.

  12. We’re famous celebrities in other countries.

  13. We’re up for anything — strangers giving us rides, eating food that we can't identify, meeting foreign officials...

  14. We’re prepared for any situation — bandaids, toilet paper, baby wipes, we got ‘em.

  15. No miscommunication here. We've learned ISG (international sign gesturing) and there's no way to misunderstand what we mean.

  16. We have great ingenuity. Problem solving on the daily makes it hard to stump us. You've been in India for 48 hours and have to figure out where and how to buy bus tickets to get to a city 9 hours away? Done.

  17. Do you need your accounting done? We know how to convert at least 6 foreign currencies into the U.S. dollar rather quickly.

  18. Our modest clothing won’t make you stumble. No shoulders or ankles... got it.

  19. You don’t have to worry about us being passive aggressive, we’ll tell it like it is. #feedback

  20. We've learned to live with other people 24/7 without wanting to kill them.

  21. We have learned how to thrive living the simple life. One backpack, 5 friends, a few dollars, and one good God.

Why you should date our team:

Mikayla: You'll have endless adventures with adorable adventure pups.

Saraya: Don't even try unless you have a beard.

Kaiti: She'll be the best dance partner you'll ever have.

Meg: She gives bomb back massages, without even being asked!

AnnaGrace: She can cure ceviche like nobody's business.

With love from Shtip, Macedonia


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