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15 Things I've Done in The 24 Hours I've Been in America

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

I'm killin' this whole "re-entry" thing

1. Traveled with only 1 other person (rather than 50)

2. Plugged my charger directly into the wall (without an adaptor)

3. Paid someone with this weird, boring, green money

4. Spoke to a stranger who spoke perfect English

5. Took a warm shower with water that comes directly out of the wall

6. Washed my face with warm, not yellowish water

7. Got helpful directions in English

8. Received the exact coffee I ordered (the most expensive coffee I’ve had in a year)

9. Slept on a mattress

10. Was cold

11. Watched TV in English (Fixer Upper)

12. Spent several hours not sweating

13. Texted and called people with actual cell data

14. Ordered food that came to me (by a guy riding a razor scooter)

15. Slept in an air conditioned room

Killin' it.

With love from New York City, New York


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