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Perrine Winery

I love wine. I love the taste of wine, I love the atmosphere of tasting rooms and wine bars, and I love the fellowship that comes along with it all. I started working at the Old Town Spring Tasting Room in 2016, just a couple of months before leaving for the World Race. The two and a half months between training for the Race and launching were spent at the tasting room, pouring wine, talking to fun and interesting people, and working for and with some of the most hard working and creative people I have ever met. Almost immediately after re-entering the States, I started working at the tasting room again, with the hopes of getting a full-time design job. With design on the brain, it's hard to miss some of the less-than-beautiful wine bottle labels around you, and the Perrine bottles stuck out immediately.

The Perrine wines are very popular in the tasting room. Because we are located in Texas, and sell mostly Texas wines, we have a lot of sweet wines behind our bar. Perrine makes their wines in College Station, Texas and is owned by a French couple who decided to move to the Lone Star State to plant their winery. Because of their French background, I did some research on French graphic design. We've all seen the hyper-elegant, floral, intricate French designs, which is what Perrine used for most of their labels, but I wanted to depart from that style because it doesn't quite seem to fit their wines. With wine names like "Zombie Walk", "Some Wine Over The Rainbow", and "Sirius Spice", I thought they needed something a little more quirky, artsy and typographical... which the French do very well. This wasn't just a departure for them, it was a challenge for me as well. I had never done anything quite like this. It is quirky, but I must say it makes a statement! So with many more wine bottles to design for this personal project (they have over 50 wines!) These are the ones I have so far.

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